Year Plan 2018

DNA Management Consultancy announcing the following schedule of Training Workshops for 2018, conducted in the seminar hall of DNA in Abudhabi & that of a reputed hotel in Downtown, Dubai,in addition to in house projects. The following remains same for all these programs:

  1. Time 07.40am to 5.00 PM
  2. Venue-In the DNA seminar hall, in Abudhabi and that of a hotel, in Dubai.
  3. Includes breakfast(7.50am), coffee break(10.00am), tea break(3.30pm), lunch(1.30pm)
  4. Participant Manual
  5. Book, pen, certificate
  6. Pre-Training, Customizing per Participant Profile
  7. Reduction in advance booking
  8. Group discount
  9. Registration last date-Latest by 9th of each month

Mark your calenders for our tentative dates for in-house programs.

  • Thursday, 1st & 22nd March, in Abu Dhabi, Saturday 3rd & 24th in Dubai.
    • Topic – Leading with Intelligence – Emotional, Critical, Creative (2018 New Program)
    • Complex Problem Solving Through Design Thinking
  • Thursday, 5th & 26th April in Abu Dhabi & Saturday 7th & 28th April in Dubai.
    • Topic – Mentoring and Coaching – Train the Trainer Program with Free Personal Coaching
    • Advanced Innovation Through Design Thinking
  • Thursday, 3rd & 24th May in Abu Dhabi & Saturday 5th & 26th May in Dubai.
    • Topic – All About Business English – Business Correspondence & Writing Skills For Better Results.
    • Self Development and Aggression Management
  • Thursday, 7th & 28th June in Abu Dhabi & Saturday, 2nd & 30th June in Dubai.
    • Topic – Supervisory & Management Skills (Top & Middle-Level Supervisor).
    • Professional in Healthcare Quality
  • Thursday, 5th & 26th July in Abu Dhabi & Saturday 7th & 28th July in Dubai.
    • Topic – Train the Trainer Courses – For HR & Interviewing Skills.
    • Time Management and Work under Pressure
  • Thursday, 2nd & 30th August in Abu Dhabi & Saturday 4th & 25th August in Dubai.
    • Topic – Applying EQ at Work – Train the Trainer and be a Coach for EQ.
    • Artificial Intelligence Applying to Business Strategies (General and Healthcare)
  • Thursday, 6th & 27th September in Abu Dhabi & Saturday 1st & 29th September in Dubai.
    • Topic – Happiness for Business Development – Creating Engagement and Innovation.
    • Shaping the Future: Tools for developing strategic foresight
  • Thursday, 4th & 25th October in Abu Dhabi & Saturday 6th & 27th October in Dubai.
    • Topic – Leadership and Leadershift – A New Perception in Management for Better Results.
    • Team Dynamics and Realationshifts
  • Thursday, 1st & 29th November in Abu Dhabi & Saturday 3rd & 24th in Dubai.
    • Topic – CHANGE YOUR TALK – Critical Conversation Training
    • CQI: Continuous QI Tools in healthcare
  • Thursday, 5th & 19th December in Abu Dhabi & Saturday 1st & 29th December in Dubai.
    • Topic – RelationShifts for Teams – With Creativity and Innovation for Change
    • Cross-Cultural Competence and Diversity

If interested in any of the above-mentioned programs, do contact at or +971 55 6672309

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