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As of many Researches among the people of age group 10 years to 70 years, here, India and other countries, people are searching for one or other type of coaching during the process of their life and development. We at DNA are happy to help people need who approach us through our hotline, skype, email or online. We even have a separate site itself for this purpose; which is

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Be Coached to Achieve your Goals. Shift your goals to a higher level once realized it.

We are addressing the JTBD by giving one to one coaching on personal goals or individual needs; if requested, on site as well!

It is our experience that when coaching is given with training the improvement in Performance is almost 90% and above, whereas without coaching, Training alone yields only below 25% improvement in Performance.

So for your promising future, use our Heart and Mind Coaching Process for self and others. Your great future and the best goal is guaranteed; when you take a DNA coaching by any of the following 3 coaching options.

  • To Coach Yourself and others for particular need:
    with Emotional Intelligence, Creative and Innovative Thinking and the Art of Talking.
    Duration: 4 weeks
  • Customized One to One Coaching - Online, Skype email or chatting
    On Professional or Business levels for any need. (need assessment can be done free).
    Duration 7 hours as of your convenience
  • Coaching followed By Training
    Coaching can be done for your desired target or need. Training can be as of assessment or any program or decided by us, after coaching.
    Duration 7 hours + 2 days. timing can be customized as of your availability.

Be coached with us, your next goal is at hand.

Fee: Customized as of your need, module option and desired hours

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