Happy Employees - Great Work, Creating Joy and Engagement for Better Result


Conceived from the Happiness Strategy of Dubai, On our 10 th year of service and experience in UAE, and empowered by the Harvard Business Review, on how happiness lead to employee well-being which in turn drives profit; we, at DNA of Excellence Group, are offering the Happiness Training program for greater business results through personal fulfillment.

We are so happy to launch this Happiness Training in 2017 as we celebrate our 10th year of growth in promoting and implementing excellence in personal and business realms.

We are eager to share our success and happiness in helping thousands of individuals and 100s of companies in producing targets and better results; in Terms of Empowerment, set goals, branding, merging and various higher achievements.

What DNA’s Happiness Training Program involves:

  • Learning to create joy at work
  • Empowerment through creativity and innovation
  • Leading with Intelligence Emotional Critical and Creative
  • Creating happiness by communication and listening
  • Relationshifts for Team Formation
  • Considering Leadership to 'Leadershifts' for Better results
  • Coaching ONE to ONE

What are the Training Practices that you will experience in and through our Happiness Training?

  • Individual Coaching and or Team Coaching
  • Heart and Mind Methodology
  • Innovation
  • Ice Breakers - Session Openers
  • Templates
  • Exercises
  • Role-plays
  • Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Stories
  • Visuals and Audio

What the outcome of this training is

  • How employee satisfaction and joy drives profits (Harvard Business Review)
  • How can an employee be happier and be more productive
  • How I the employee, be happy and create better results
  • How I, leader or manager make my people more joyful in their work to drive the company more profitable
  • How I can contribute to the National Happiness Index by my work
  • To realize people can be trained to be happy while at work and thus more engaged and productive.
  • Overall happiness of myself, my company and my nation leading to global happiness


Two Days: Morning 7:40 to Evening 5:40


Dubai Le Meridian Hotel and Abu Dhabi DNA Conference Hall. Government/Ministry 3 days at their premises customized time and number of delegates.

FACILITATOR: Dr. Rose Muricken, Ph.D. (USA)
Certified Facilitator and Licensed Independent contractor, USA
Certified Innovator Harvard Business School, USA

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