Tentative Schedule for 2022

DNA Management Consultancy announcing the following schedule of Training Workshops for 2022, conducted in the seminar hall of DNA in Abudhabi & that of a reputed hotel in Downtown, Dubai, in addition to in-house projects. The following remains the same for all these programs:

Do note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the training modules and/or seminars can be taken online (via Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, as per client preference). We have also taken into consideration the change of the weekend in the United Arab Emirates, and have decided to be as flexible as possible regarding the dates as per our client needs.

General FAQs:

Time 07.40am to 05.00pm            

a) Venue-In the DNA seminar hall, in Abudhabi and that of a hotel, in Dubai.

b) Includes breakfast(7.50am), coffee break(10.00am), tea break(3.30pm), lunch(1.30pm)

c) Participant Manual

d) Book, pen, certificate

e) Pre-Training, Customizing per Participant Profile

f)   Reduction in advance booking

g) Group discount

h)   Registration last date-Latest by 9th of each month

Training / Seminar Schedule, monthly basis

  • January 2022          

Communication Strategies In Ten Interactional Modules Artificial Intelligence as Applied to Business Development

  • February 2022

Happy Employees – Great Work Creating Joy and Engagement for Result Creativity and Innovation

  • March 2022

Leading with Intelligence – Emotional, Critical, Creative (New Program)

Complex Problem Solving Through Design Thinking

  •  April 2022.

Mentoring and Coaching – Train the Trainer Program with Free Personal Coaching Advanced Innovation Through Design Thinking

  • May 2022  

All About Business English – Business Correspondence & Writing Skills For Better Results.

Self Development and Aggression Management

  • June 2022

Supervisory & Management Skills (Top & Middle-Level Supervisor).

Professional in Health care Quality

  • July 2022

Train the Trainer Courses – For HR & Interviewing Skills.

Time Management and Work under Pressure

  • August 2022

Applying EQ at Work – Train the Trainer and be a Coach for EQ.

Artificial Intelligence Applying to Business Strategies (General and Health care)

  • September 2022   

Happiness for Business Development – Creating Engagement and Innovation.

Shaping the Future: Tools for developing strategic foresight

  • October 2022   

Leadership, and Leadershift – A New Perception in Management for Better Results.

Team Dynamics and RealationShifts

  • November 2022

CHANGE YOUR TALK – Critical Conversation Training

CQI: Continuous QI Tools in healthcare

  • December 2022      

RelationShifts for Teams – With Creativity and Innovation for Change Cross-Cultural Competence and Diversity

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