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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the foundation of DNA's Excellence Program. Very different from Intelligence Quotient (IQ), EQ makes the difference between employER and employEE.

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Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation is another component of DNA's Excellence Program. And since, Dr. Rose is a Certified Innovator from Havard Business School, USA; who else would you like to guide you towards being an Innovator in your workplace?

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Supervisory & Management Training

Whatever position you are right now, you want to be a Manager or a Supervisor?

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Since 2007

Our Vision

DNA Of Excellence Group, founded by Dr. Rose Muricken, Ph.D. (usa), in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in the year 2007.

From the time DNA Of Excellence Group has been established, DNA is known only for ONE word: EXCELLENCE. Our clients know that in our organization, only Excellence echoes in our conference room. Quality and Quantity are terms used to describe a product's goodness. Excellence is another term which tells you that we offer the highest standards in what we do.

Our Company, armed with over 1701 topics of training programs, various individual assessments and with individual one-to-one counselling with every booked training program, we are the one-stop centre for all your training needs, consultation, strategy setting, career goal setting, guidance and above all coaching (10-70 years age group) for desired goals.

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What are you waiting for?

Chances like this don't come everyday, where you can develop yourself. It is now or never. DNA's Excellence Program will develop the foundation in you, for your 'building' to  stand. Remember, it all starts with YOU.