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Information on Public Courses

DNA Management Consultancy announcing the following schedule of Training Workshops for 2024, conducted in the seminar hall of DNA in Abudhabi & that of a reputed hotel in Downtown, Dubai,in addition to in house projects. The following remains same for all these programs:

Time 07.40am to 5.00 PM :

a) Venue-In the DNA seminar hall, in Abudhabi and that of a hotel, in Dubai.
b) Includes breakfast(7.50am), coffee break(10.00am), tea break(3.30pm), lunch(1.30pm)
c) Participant Manual
d) Book, pen, certificate
e) Pre-Training, Customizing per Participant Profile
f) Reduction in advance booking
g) Group discount
h) Registration last date-Latest by 9th of each month

Detailed timetable and segments included in each topic will be available for each inhouse program-please e-mail us your enquiry.

1. Saturday 6th & 27th July in Dubai. Monday, 8th & 29th July, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic Communication Strategies in Ten Interactional Modules
Artificial Intelligence as Applied to Business Development

2. Saturday 3rd & 24th August in Dubai. Monday, 5th & 26th August, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic Happy Employees – Great Work Creating Joy and Engagement for Result
Creativity and Innovation

3. Saturday 7th & 28th September in Dubai. Monday, 9th & 30th September, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic Leading with Intelligence – Emotional, Critical, Creative (2019 New Program)
Complex Problem Solving Through Design Thinking

4. Saturday 5th & 26th October in Dubai. Monday, 7th & 28th October, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic – Mentoring and Coaching – Train the Trainer Program with Free Personal Coaching
Advanced Innovation Through Design Thinking

5. Saturday 2nd & 23rd November in Dubai. Monday, 4th & 25th November, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic – All About Business English – Business Correspondence & Writing Skills for Better Results.
Self-Development and Aggression Management

6. Saturday 7th & 21st December in Dubai. Monday, 2nd & 30th December, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic – Supervisory & Management Skills (Top & Middle Level Supervisor).
Professional in Health care Quality

7. Saturday 4th & 25th January in Dubai. Monday, 6th & 27th January, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic – Train the Trainer Courses – For HR & Interviewing Skills.
Time Management and Work under Pressure

8. Saturday 1st & 22nd February in Dubai. Monday, 3rd & 24th February, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic – Applying EQ at Work – Train the Trainer and be a Coach for EQ.
Artificial Intelligence Applying to Business Strategies (General and Health care)

9. Saturday 1st & 29th March in Dubai. Monday, 3rd & 31th March, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic – Happiness for Business Development – Creating Engagement and Innovation.
Shaping the Future: Tools for developing strategic foresight

10. Saturday 5th & 26th April in Dubai. Monday, 7th & 28th April, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic – Leadership and Leader shift – A New Perception in Management for Better Results.
Team Dynamics and Relation shifts

11. Saturday 3rd & 31 May in Dubai. Monday, 5th & 26th May, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic – CHANGE YOUR TALK – Critical Conversation Training
CQI: Continuios QI Tools in healthcare

12. Saturday 7th & 21st June in Dubai. Monday 9th & 30th June, in Abu Dhabi.
Topic – Relation Shifts for Teams – With Creativity and Innovation for Change
Cross Cultural Competence and Diversity

Any one of our trainings can be customized and done in-house for any company, any of their job teams. Register now for any course ……. Click Here

Note: In addition to the above date we offer online, on-site, packaged & Customized training and Coaching programs in any date. Training Program Developed by Us

New Programs

DNA of Excellence ‘s Professional Development programs 2020-2021

  • Advanced Executive Communication & Listening
  • Skills October seminar
  • Practical Emotional Intelligence for sales groups September
  • seminar
  • Creativity in Management & Applied Innovation November
  • seminar
  • Digital & E- Marketing: Social Media and online
  • Strategies December seminar
  • IN HOUSE of any of these modules for a group ,book
  • date,online.
  • Financial Accounting for the Nonfinancial
  • Manager July seminar/August
  • The consultant’s Tool kit for any
  • consultations January & July seminar
  • Fundamentals of Strategic
  • Development February & June seminar
  • Innovation and Strategy of system Communication
  • March & August seminar
  • Leadership and Communications February
  • & October seminar
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  • February seminar & November Seminar
  • Managing self and Leading Teams
  • December seminar & October
  • Marketing Skills( for all groups)
  • All through the year, seminar, consulting, customizing, feedback package.
  • Negotiation Skills: Strategies for Increased
  • Strategic Management of Growth Companies
  • April & May Seminar
  • Strategy and Formation in higher

    Education/Educational needs April seminar {or allthrough year ,for clients groups}

  • Negotiation Skills: Strategies for increased ROI March & July
  • Digital Marketing: Social media and Online Strategies
  • cross cultural competence
  • Diversity skills for any functional groups
  • Managing self and

    Leading Others May & October seminar

    June & August

  • cross cultural competence
  • Diversity skills for any functional groups
  • September & October
  • Artificial Intelligence: Scope & Implications for Business Strategies
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Tools in Healthcare
  • November & December
  • Quality Improvement and Systemic Restructuring
  • Complex Problem Solving through Design Thinking
  • Innovation and Strategic Development
  • Leadership Communications-principles of Listening
  • January & August


  • Fundamentals of
  • Strategy-ENTREPRENEURSHIP January &
  • November
  • Creativity in Management & Administration
  • February & October
  • Financial Accounting for the Nonfinancial Manager February & July
  • Marketing Strategy for any team
  • {All through the year,company based as well}
  • Negotiation Skills : Strategies for Increased
  • ROI March/sept
  • Strategic Management of Growth in Companies
  • April & Nov
  • The Consultant’s Tool kit for any
  • consultation January & MAY
  • Fundamentals of Strategy
  • formulation february
  • Leadership Communications
  • August & january
  • Digital Marketing: Social media and Online Strategies
  • May & October
  • Innovational Strategies for Development
  • June/December
  • Strategy and formation in Higher Education
  • May /august
  • Advanced Executive Managerial Communication Skills
  • September
  • Fundamentals of Strategy June
  • Leadership and Decision Making October
  • Financial Accounting for the Nonfinancial
  • Manager July
  • Marketing Strategy FOR specified job
  • teams All through year

various Assessments

You will get related assessment of a topic when you register for a particular Training,eg.Creativity/EQ You can request a particular assessment as per personal need from the list below.

  • PEP – Presentation Effectiveness Profile
  • CEP – Communication Effectiveness Profile
  • MEP – Management Effectiveness Profile
  • EQ Assessment – 360° and Higher Ones
  • PSP – Personal Stress Well-Being Profile
  • NSP – Negotating Style Profile
  • CSCP – Customer Service Commitment Profile
  • Culture – Culture Compass Profile
  • Creativity Profile
  • Diversity Profile – Personal Graph & Interpretation
  • Cross Cultural Skill Assessment
  • LEP – Leadership Effectiveness Profile
  • Team Developing Skill
  • Listening Skill Effectiveness Profile
  • Personality Profiles
  • Self Awareness Profile
  • Insight Profile – For Understanding self and others
  • CMEP – Change Management Effectiveness Profile
  • Total Management Skills Assessment
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Profile
  • Time Management Effectiveness Profile
  • Managing Conflict Inventory
  • Generational Style Assessment
  • Infulencing Style Clock Assessment
  • Team Profile