Shaping The Future – Tools for Developing Strategic Foresight

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Dr. Rose Muricken Ph. D. (USA),
Certified Facilitator, USA,
Certified Innovator, Harvard, USA
Founder & President,
DNA of Excellence Group

I. AIM: How to foster strategic development with futurist ideology & foresight, you be a visionary & expertise business future.

II. Objectives

  • • To Focus on a bright future, how corporates and governments can visualize, based on the scope of futuristic studies.
  • • Have a better understanding of shaping the future scenarios.
  • • Invest in todays opportunities and reachable and sustainable targets for the future.
  • • To build up experience based learning knowledge & skills for shaping future strategies.
  • • To develop a systematic analytics of the present – management, Innovation, Strategy all type of developments – in a view of possible probable and desirable futures and to have a conceptual clarity on issues and events around them for building up a proper strategic foresight on self, Profession, Corporation, society government country and global scenarios.

II. Skills intend to Develop

  • • Design Thinking
  • • Innovation Thinking
  • • Creative Thinking
  • • EQ Skills
  • • Critical Thinking
  • • Futuristic Perception & thought process
  • • Systems thinking
  • • Strategy Developing
  • • Analytical Thinking
  • • Risk Management

& how to Apply the above skills to make RESULTS

III. Methodology

  • IOL methodology, Heart and Mind Method, Conceptual method, Learners Centered, Result based.
  • IV. Training Tools Role plays, Interactive case studies on realistic future, deliberate foresights on created issues – Videos, Presentations, personal experiences activities, exercises, visions, group discussions, delegate inputs, evaluation & assessments.

V. Content

  • 1. Design Thinking on Future study methods
  • 2. Realistic future, input and summery
  • 3. Systems thinking and strategic development.
  • 4. Risk Management and the basis of future studies.
  • 5. Change management skills as tool of strategic foresight.
  • 6. Basics of future studies and characteristics of futuristic
  • 7. Futurology as a study and its usefulness and its basics
  • 8. Creating the Future – Planning, Designing executing strategies – in vision.
  • 9. The concept of sustainability, global change.
  • 10. Future based conceptual analysis: i) Global scenario of development II) Thinking process coordination to futures studies , methods, results, application to work and business.
  • 11. You create your future: Design thinking and Reshaping.
  • 12. Advance innovation leadership, application of lessons in real work, business and life.

Evaluation and Award of Certificates



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