Advanced Innovation through Design Thinking

Two days training workshop from 7:40am to 5pm in Our Hall at Abu Dhabi / Dubai, in company or for a group of 14, from different professionals: Join today for free consultation, Target setting, individual Pre-Training schedule & Personal Coaching form Global Facilitator, HR Consultant, Business Innovator and Educational & Counselling Specialist & EQ Lady :

Lead Facilitator
Dr. Rose Muricken Ph. D. (USA),
Certified Facilitator, USA,
Certified Innovator, Harvard, USA
Founder & President,
DNA of Excellence Group

I. AIM: To Understand the Human Behaviour Side of Design Thinking, Learn and Apply the 3 Stages for Design Thinking and its Process, and to apply in advanced innovation for comfort and happiness as well in business systems.

II. Training Objectives

  • • To reframe problems in an interesting way through Design Thinking
  • • Simplify jobs to be done (including medical) using design thinking for clients and employees alike.
  • • Innovation, Negotiation, Customer-care, the like improve by Design Thinking and how to apply.
  • • Design Thinking to be a philosophy and mindset to the participants
  • • Almost everything we encounter is ‘Designed’ and so we can “design it better” let us train for it
  • • Observation and inside development for creating ideas.

II. Skills intend to Develop

    • • Design Thinking
    • • Innovation Thinking
    • • Creative Thinking
    • • EQ Skills
    • • Critical Thinking
    • • Systems thinking
    • • Strategy Developing
    • • Analytical Thinking

& How to Apply the above skills to make RESULTS better

III. Methodology
IOL methodology, Heart and Mind Method, Conceptual method, Learners Centered, Result based.

IV. Content

  • 1. What is design thinking and its applications.
  • 2. Relevance, need and usefulness of applying design thinking in business, work and life situations.
  • 3. Why Design Thinking in todays technological realm.
  • 4. Design thinking – Process, Analysis, Synthesis and abstract.
  • 5. Application special to medical field: example, “Embrace”.
  • 6. Increase the Happiness and comfort of people through Design Thinking in Medical and other such fields.
  • 7. Innovation in Through Design Thinking – examples: from various corporate, medical and business sectors.
  • 8. Organizing thinking for idea generations: brain storming and innovate ideas
  • 9 selection of suitable ideas
  • 10. Design thought process for defining complex problems.
  • 11. Analysis, Synthesis, Abstract and concrete phases of idea generation.
  • 12. Applications of DT, in complex problem solving and advanced innovation.

V. Training Tools

Role plays, Interactive case studies, Videos on created issues, Presentations, personal Experiences, activities, exercises, visions, group discussions, delegate inputs, evaluation & assessments.