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About DNA of Excellence Group

DNA Of Excellence Group, operating India and Middle East is dedicated to improve the effectiveness of productive work and achievement based 

advancing through products & services in the areas of Consultation, Training and Development, Employee Engagement, Coaching, Counsling, 

Innovation, Communication and Culture change.

Founder and President: Dr.Rose Murickan, Ph.D.(USA)

Dr. Rose Murickan Ph.D. the founder president of DNA of Excellence group, Training and consultancy, in India, is a Certified Facilitator from USA. She has started the DNA Management Consultancy in Abu Dhabi after leaving her work as Training Coordinator, in General Authority for Health Services, Abu Dhabi.

She has started her career as a teacher in a school affiliated to Cambridge University, London. She has worked as a Biochemist in MOH in Abu Dhabi till she was selected as the Training Coordinator in 2005. She has developed her career as a facilitator by undergoing training programs in USA and got certified as their facilitator. While travelling in many continents, she has acquired many valuable experiences which makes her facilitation touching the hearts of the participants, even in a multinational group.

In India, the Middle East &UAE, in addition to 2207 seminars and 164 Corporate Projects, with 1701 New Global training topics, she has completed many social programs on Emotional Intelligence, Creativity & Innovation, Cross Cultural Competence, Diversity & Inclusion and Communication Strategies – as a key to professional excellence. “Employee Engagement for CHANGE in Work culture”, Leadership& Management With EQ skills, Team Dynamics, Communication Plan for companies, Listening Skills, Creative Problem solving, Design Thinking, Advanced Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and various assessments are the 2021 most appreciated modules facilitated by Dr. R. Muricken. Management Consultation& EQ based interview, is also her service. Free ‘Job Loss’ counseling &Phone Coaching helped many around the Globe to acquire a better promising position in life.

Dr. Rose Muricken Ph.D.(USA), holds a first class degree with sociological, philosophical and psychological foundations of Education as her subjects, in addition to a first class, Master’s Degree in Chemistry & MBA in HR With Performance Appraisal and Training & Development as Electives. The postdoctoral researches on counseling psychology helps her individual sessions to be a life-giving experience to the needy. Her special subject of study in 2013 at MIT, edx, USA, was Solid State Chemistry, for which she has secured 96% overall. Also The Harvard Business School’s(USA),’Disruptive Innovation’ Course &Certification successfully done in 2015. Administrative Management tips & H.R. expertise blending with UAE professional features produce a “DNA maintained” type of professionalism and dynamism in our work culture; if implemented at the greatest asset of any organization—employees!

Let us strive, together for a better workplace culture and productivity; personal & professional empowering as well, leading to overall development.


While Working as a Biochemist under the Pathology Section of a VIP Hospital in UAE, one of it’s kind in the Government sector even today; I was deeply moved by the negligence expressed by a colleague on a particular test which is urgent and very urgent, if it has to be done. Saddened by the day’s incident, my comment and it’s reply, a thought process was generated, to visualize the possibility of improving awareness of state of we the employees as a whole. With the help of supportive managers, many sessions were done, as many individual projects to enhance maximum potential to activate during work, and to implement top level accomplishments of each employee, whatever grade it may be.

It was the first step – Baseline was to transform the work as a joy. It has become a reality within a short time, at least in our facility and extended to the other region as well. This was based on need, as you know, a Healthcare professional is in the midst of demanding people (sick & needy – patient), and to unleash the maximum capacity under this pressure; Training – Heart & Mind – is a must!

Coming out of the Biochemistry department, that is, after changing my career, into training, I have been convinced, of the real significance, need and the results, of having a proper training; with outcome (goals set) farseen and trying to maximise the accomplishments of the human resources (capital) within oneself & within the system.


These activities are summoned by other professional realms, as well and so a wide platform is essential for a ‘Once in a Lifetime Training’ customized for any job team – DNA thus registered in the year 2007 in the UAE, in addition to existence in India.


Even during the recession time of 2008, out of quality, our satisfied clients and the results yielded out of one day’s training is really amazing. DNA has reached out to Dubai Ministries, Lourdes MediCity, Pushpagiri Medical Research Kerala; UAE Exchange (BRS), Jotun, Al Ghurair AK S, NBO Muscat; Dubai Government DHA, Arid Land Development…..and many more.

As we enter the 18th year in 2024, with eminent support of the Disruption and Innovation Theories, studies I have done from Harvard, USA; we are excited to create Happy Culture, Efficiency & Resilience in work systems for more accomplishments with the existing resources – both human and material, monetary as well. The same program will be customized on goal, team, need and task with a view of the whole system enlightenment. Different modules can be integrated into one training event, as required. It goes as natural, exciting, fun, plays, pamphlets, activities and real anecdotes, resulting in great transformations every hour! You will start loving the work or start the work you love, be sure, and that will make all the difference, within you and within the system. Resilience, Drive and Happy Culture with skills of Change Management, Creating great accomplishments and joy. Have a look at our various International Programs and join the Self-Revolution.


Our Expert Training Design Team: Crafting Programs for Your Success

At DNA Of Excellence Group, we believe in the power of a dedicated team with diverse expertise. Our core training design team comprises highly qualified individuals who work together to create customized training programs designed to achieve your specific organizational goals.

Meet the Leaders Behind Your Training Success:

Dr. Jeril, M.B.B.S., M.D.: With extensive experience in the medical field, Dr. Jeril brings a unique perspective to training development, ensuring programs are relevant and impactful for healthcare professionals.
Eng. A James, B.E. Mech. (USA), B.E. Aero. (RPI, USA), M.E. (Rensselaer, USA): Eng. James’s impressive engineering background allows him to develop innovative and results-oriented training solutions for technical fields.
Dr. Rose Murickan, Ph.D. (USA), Certified Innovator (Harvard, USA): Dr. Murickan is the founder of DNA Of Excellence Group and a leading figure in the training and development industry. Her expertise in human potential and certified training in innovation from Harvard University ensure that your training programs are engaging, effective, and future-proof.

Benefits of Working with Our Core Team:

Diverse Expertise: Our team’s combined knowledge and experience across various fields allows us to create comprehensive training programs that address a wide range of organizational needs.
Customization: We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Your training program will be tailored to your specific goals, team dynamics, and industry.
Results-Oriented: We are committed to delivering measurable results. We work closely with you to understand your objectives and track progress towards achieving those goals.
Passion for Learning: Our team is dedicated to continuous learning and development, ensuring our training programs remain innovative and effective.

By working with our core training design team, you can be confident that you’ll receive a customized and results-oriented training program that will empower your employees and help your organization achieve its full potential.

Customer Service Excellence

Train staff to deliver exceptional customer service.

Creativity & Innovation

Spark creativity and encourage innovative thinking.

Change Management

Equip employees to handle organizational change.

DNA Of Excellence Group Company Timeline

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Building Together: A Team Committed to Your Success

Dr. Rose Muricken, Ph.D

Dr. Rose Muricken, Ph.D

A passionate trainer with a background in biochemistry.
Dr. Jeril

Dr. Jeril

A medical doctor who contributes his expertise to the team.
Eng. James

Eng. James

A multi-talented engineer who strengthens the team's knowledge base.