Customized Created Targeted Training
Actualizing Personal, Team And Systematic Goals .

our mission

Mission 1

Mission accomplished by providing you with the latest in training communication and culture change, to create a more positive & productive workplace.

Mission 2

Our innovative learning strategies and training programs inspire people to become maximum achievers, within the existing framework and facilities, and to transform the organization from an impersonal bureaucracy to a creative & caring community.

Mission 3

It's our strong conviction that change starts with the individual, and to implement any change, one should become that change first.

Mission 4

Ongoing Progress & Success follows due to overall positivity & creativity with full employee engagement strategies, a person achieves through our learning workshops formulated by a team of global experts.

Mission 5

We are not satisfied until the new competencies & work culture prompts people to say, "Thanks Almighty, I feel excellent in my job, and successful in contributing towards the goodness and progress of the society".

About DNA of Excellence Group

The Birth of An Idea

While Working as a Biochemist under the Pathology Section of a VIP Hospital in UAE, one of it’s kind in the Government sector even today; I was deeply moved by the negligence expressed by a colleague on a particular test which is urgent and very urgent, if it has to be done. Saddened by the day’s incident, my comment and it’s reply, a thought process was generated, to visualize the possibility of improving awareness of state of we the employees as a whole. With the help of supportive managers, many sessions were done, as many individual projects to enhance maximum potential to activate during work, and to implement top level accomplishments of each employee, whatever grade it may be.

Our field of expertise

Our Achievements

DNA Of Excellence Group has extensive experience across all corporate sectors, Government and Ministries. Individuals and Groups are also most welcome face to face or online for any JTBD’s in personal, professional or business realms.

WHAT WE offer

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to assist clients across the business cycle from management to the ability to respond rapidly to unexpected events and dynamic environments.

Programs we offer

  • Business Transformation
  • Consultation - Job Loss, Admissions, Courses, Career Goal Setting, Problem Solving & Business strategies.
  • Coaching 10 yrs to 70 yrs, any JTBD's addressing
  • Counselling - Global opportunities, Education, Adimissions, Management, Relationships, Professional & Business (24x7, www.dnaofexcellence.net)
  • Training - In-Company, Public Courses, Individuals. Customized as of need.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Happy clients, happy employees: That’s the DNA difference.

Upcoming Events & New Programs

Rise up to your true potential

Life tools For every Young Adult

Happy Teenagers

  • Teenagers Excellence Program With Free Coaching Until 12th Grade Competition
  • Offering new innovation for improving the new generation.
  • By Dna's new 4 in 1 Formula of teenager's Excellence Program.
  • 1701 Training modules needed skills will be trained, regardless of topic restriction.
  • Long time coaching/any courses available by 4 classes per month, Until 12th grade.