Again on enhancing ‘Goodness and Effectiveness’


It was on Mother’s Day, May 15th, a CEO of a group of Hospitals in the GCC and India, and himself being a doctor, asked me, “I do appreciate your successful existence in many roles, completed and ongoing. May I ask you, then why you left the healthcare job?”

Being one of the activators of goodness, here, as I have perceived him, a genuine answer is to be given, for this question smiling, without much time, I have responded, “Not left at all, only the field of applicability widened, on starting and helping by DNA Of Excellence Group. Even without regional National, Professional, Cultural or any other diversities that may arise in coexisting for making this world a better place to live, I could contribute towards enhancing goodness and effectiveness of persons, working in any professional level.” He nodded, appreaciating.

And looking back in the 11th year after I left my govt. job and started DNA of Excellence Group, I am feeling a realization of life goals and actualization of the purpose of being here on Earth, in being help to fellowmen, business systems, Education, Consultation, Goal setting consultation, guidance and “JTBS’s” addressed as taught by Prof. Clayton. Thanks to our Clients, and may Almighty Bless all of us during this Holy Month of Ramadan, 2017.

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